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Chinnbrook Meadows

Chinn Brook Meadows is a local nature reserve lying between Trittiford Rd in Hall Green and stretching almost to the Yardley Wood Road.  The Chinn Brook runs through the centrel.  The Chinn Brook itself rises close to the River Cole on the bounday between Alvechurch and Wythall. At Titterford (original spelling), it originally joined the Cole, after flowing north-easterly for 4 1/2 miles, but from the building of the watermill it was diverted into the quarter-mile tailrace. A leat taken off the brook near Yardley Wood Road supplied the millpond beside the horse-chestnut trees, and a 'floating course' from a sluice on its north bank led floodwater into the meadow below the mill. The brook was called 'cionda' (chinda) in the Charter of AD 972, and 'the Water of Chynne' in 1495. A watermill associated with Monyhull sub-manor was powered by the brook.  Alcester Road crossed the valley on its dam at the foot of Millpool Hill. For a few yards below the confluence with Haunch Brook, the Chinn is the bounday between Yardley and Kings Norton.

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